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Ensure Your Shoreline Is Protected

Since 1996, Coston Marine Services Inc has provided premier dredging services to South Florida residents. Our experienced team is proficient with both large- and -small erosion control projects. Natural shorelines are beautiful but can be easily destroyed by erosion – and that’s where we come in. We utilize fabri-form mats, articulating block mats, petraflex mats, rip rap, and more. We can inspect and assess eroded shorelines and embankments, fill voids and areas that display a loss of material, and even install underwater filter fabric in areas that require a specific type of erosion control matting. When it comes to erosion control, Coston Marine Services Inc has you and your property covered.

erosion control

Why We Use Geotubes® for Erosion Control

Not only are Geotubes® squick an easy solution for erosion control, but they are also environmentally-friendly. Below, we’ve listed several reasons why Geotubes® are the best choice for erosion control:

  • Cost-effective alternative to traditional construction materials and methods
  • Fast installation with minimal impact to your property
  • Highly resistant to UV degradation and extreme temperatures
  • They add value to your home by reclaiming lost property and preventing further erosion
  • Sod and natural vegetation can grow directly inside Geotubes® for a natural, finished look
  • Customizable to accommodate a variety of needs, including pyramid stacking for greater strength and height

Your Quick & Easy Solution: Geotubes®

Storms and waves, along with the growing number and size of vessels traveling through our waterways, can result in erosion. Erosion can affect shorelines, canals, lake banks, wildlife habitats, bridge scouring, and more. When it comes to stabilizing and repairing your shoreline, Geotubes® offers an environmentally-friendly, quick, and easy solution. Geotubes® are highly resistant to UV degradation and extreme temperature. The tubes are filled with sand or soil by dredging and pumping. They are then placed along the shoreline banks to prevent further deterioration of the property and plant life. The experts at Coston Marine Services Inc will customize Geotubes® to accommodate your property.

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