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What Is Dredging?

Coston Marine Services Inc has provided premier dredging services to South Florida residents since 1996. Dredging is the excavation of silt and other material from the bottom of bodies of water. Dredging can also remove naturally-deposited sediments or man-made debris. We dig up sediments from the bottoms of lakes, rivers, harbors, and other water bodies for disposal elsewhere. Dredging ensures the safe passage of boats and ships through navigation channels, anchorages, and berthing areas. The process becomes necessary after constantly changing tides, wave action, and currents cause bodies of water to fill with sand and silt, making waterway access and maneuverability difficult, and sometimes even dangerous, to achieve.


The Benefits of Dredging

Dredging provides numerous benefits to residential and commercial waterfront property owners, as well as the environment.  Our process:

  • Widens and deepens waterways, which can increase the value of waterfront properties
  • Reduces the exposure of fish, wildlife, and people to contaminants
  • Maintains or increases the depth of navigation channels, anchorages, or berthing areas to ensure the safe passage of boats and ships
  • Helps preserve underwater flora and fauna

We Serve Waterfront Communities, Associations, & Homeowners

For over 20 years, Coston Marine Services Inc has been the go-to company in South Florida for premier dredging services. Whether your project requires dredging thousands of yards of material or removing the sediment from one boat slip, we are dedicated to seeing the job through in a professional and environmentally-conscious manner. We were the contractor of choice for expanding the Palm Harbor Marina, which required moving over 30,000 cubic yards of material. We have also completed dredging services for the Florida Inland Navigation District along the Intracoastal Waterway. Coston Marine Services Inc is pleased to have relationships with many residential waterfront communities, such as Admiral’s Cove, where we provide dredging services for associations and individual homeowners. With our fleet of barges, excavators, and clamshell cranes, we are well-equipped for projects of any size. Call today to learn more.

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